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deviation in storage by waterbender196


HA Fan art by kawaii-chibi-kotou
HA Fan art
*bows in advance*

I know this idea has been done several different ways, but here's my attempt at Hey Arnold drawn manga cover style, minus the title of course XD. Someone commissioned this as a piece, and I thought it would be fun to do so I agreed! 

All copyright goes to Craig Barlett and Nickelodeon

though the art is mine =D
Lulu and Viktor- LoL by kawaii-chibi-kotou
Lulu and Viktor- LoL
This was a picture I did a while back for my husband for his birthday. Lulu is kind of his main, and second would be Viktor (if you don't know what game this is from, League of Legends). He finds the girl adorable, as do I. I don't know when either one of us started shipping this....but it happened. XD Clearly this is Viktor before he went full metal bad ass. <3 I feel I'll need to do more of this in the future.
Xiaoyin- I know I'm a wolf by kawaii-chibi-kotou
Xiaoyin- I know I'm a wolf
This is what happens when I take a little break from comic drawing to do some fanart! I've been listening to the song "I know I'm a wolf" and I couldn't help BUT to draw something like this! That song also inspired me to continue with my fanfic on It's just a little doodle, but I feel I go insane when I can't draw these two at some point in time!

Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu are owned by Bandai/Namco
Our AlDun wedding by kawaii-chibi-kotou
Our AlDun wedding
YAY!! These are the cover of the wedding invitations for mine and Sun's wedding! Granted this is just the picture, I decorated it to look like a manga volume. The back has the synopsis of how we met written in story form and info on where everything is going to take place, but I was really happy with how it turned out. We are thinking of designing little comics to go with it, just because we're lame and geeks haha. The clothes depicted here are the same ones that we will be wearing in real life.

I still can't believe it's all happening so fast. We've been together for 5 years, going on 6, path to Power was really something that brought us together and we have incredible and amazing friends from it. Our characters Sun and Dsieda have become so iconic in our lives, and I'm so glad we'll get to have a place for them with us on the day we get married. ^^

My friend Bro, who also played PTP with us made us a figure that we'll be using along with our fantasy wedding cake. To check it out, click the link!…

I can't wait! The day will be so special!
LoA: Saphira's spring by kawaii-chibi-kotou
LoA: Saphira's spring
Whew! This took a bit of time to do, I haven't uploaded anything in FOREVER! I'm really happy at how this came out and I love it! 

Legends of Androsia is a comic that I've had in the works for a LOOONG time. There's actually a few stories within it that makes up this vast and interesting world. At the moment Legends of Androsia: Ephemeral is being published on Kcrush. You can read it here at… . Every Monday 2 new pages are added and updated. I appreciate everyone who has actually taken the time out to read it and follows the story! I'm planning on making some sort of account where viewers can contact me, submit questions and receive updates on any other projects. Anyhow, happy spring everyone! Take care <3
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Gooood morning everyone! I come bearing exciting news! As of Monday Sept. 15 2014 Androsia, my webcomic has been published! You can find it at and it would be at the section that says exclusive manga! This is the prologue to the story I have been working on as of late, so this will give everyone a bit of backlog into what happened, why, and all that good stuff! Two pages are out right now, and every Monday, two more pages will be released! Also, if you like Kpop, Jpop, or anything of the Asian Culture, I'd suggest subscribing to their newsletter. For a limited time only, they are giving away a CD to a lucky subscriber at random, so try your chances, it's also good to see what else is going on in Asian media as well! I'm so excited about this, it's my first time being able to have a comic of mine published online other than doing it myself! ^^ I hope to see everyone there! <3


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United States
I'm an art enthusiast! I love seeing pictures come to life and making others feel and see things the way they've never expirienced before. I'm schooling to better myself for my career though many of the things I have learned were outside of the classroom by studying from other artists, and practicing on my own. For as long as I've known, drawing has been a way for me to escape the real world and enter my own fantasy where I can express to others how I feel, or what I see in this faux world of mine. I've been drawing and painting since before I've known (Seriously, my pairents have it on VHS where they bought me a canvas as I took out my brush and yelled "I'm going to be an artist!" I had to be about 5) My biggest dream is to have others expirience what I do, to bring them into my world and let them remember my stories.

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